We have produced Our Blue pitbull puppies from top pit bull bloodlines such as Razors Edge and Gotti line. As a American Bully Pitbull breeders, we specialize in both Blue nose pitbulls for sale as well as Blue fawn, tricolor pitbulls for sale. ABKC champion Dew Drop, ABKC Champion Grizz and ABKC Grand Champion Blade puppies for sale are huge in bone with the biggest heads and very wide in the chest. Our Blue Pitbull kennel is nationally recognized as having some of the finest Blue nose Pitbulls in the world. I truly believe that if you are looking for a Pitbull puppy for sale you will not find better blue Pitbull kennels anywhere.
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 All of our blue pit bull terrier puppies are the American bully pitbull in style, low to the ground with a wide chest, huge heads, excellent bone structure, drive and some of the best bloodlines in the world. Often our blue pit bull kennel will have blue pit bull puppies for sale. You can purchase a blue pitbull puppy from Southernpridepitbulls The bloodlines of our blue nose American Pitbull terrier puppies are (but not limited to) Gottiline blood line and Razors Edge bloodline. The bloodlines of our Champion blue pit bull puppies for sale will be posted on the breeding page . You will see through out this site you will see that I recommend you look at our pictures of our American pitbulls for sale. We believe that any reputable Pit bull breeder offering the best Pit bull puppies for sale will provide you with the best possible photos to base your puppy purchase on. Our American pit bull terrier kennel is located in Georgia. Check out our blue pitbulls breeding page and puppies page and if you see a super bully blue pitbull puppy that you like
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As a blue pitbull breeder, we place heavy emphasis on owning and breeding ABKC and UKC Champion blue pitbulls and Champion pocket pit bulls (American bully pitbulls).
ABKC Champion Trouble (Blade Daughter)

We would like to thank the ABKC Judges and ABKC for providing us a place to show our Bullies !!!!!!!!!!

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Produced by Southern Pride
ABKC Extreme Champion Bia
( Blade Daughter)

Produced by Southern Pride
ABKC Champion Bliss(Blade Daughter)

Blue,Chocolate, Champagne tri pitbull (American Bully)color history




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Blue French Bulldogs

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and Grand Champions,

Grand Champion Southern Pride Blade winning
best in breed 2nd show at 2010 Nationals
ABKC Champion Grizz (Blade grandson)

Abkc Extreme Champion Dew Drop winning
 best extreme at 2010 nationals

Produced by Southern Pride
ABKC Extreme Champion Spanky
( Dew Drop /Sierra)

ABKC Champion Spanky
ABKC Champion X Rated

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Our blue pit bulls are Razors edge bloodlines and gottiline bloodlines. We have some of the best looking and the biggest razors edge 
blue pitbulls in the country. So if you like The American bully style (Razors edge blue pitbulls) but want the biggest head, wide
chest, muscle mass, bones, and SIZE then you have found the right place. We have the best of the best of the Razors edge &
 Gotti line blodlines blue bully pitbull.

We strive to produce the biggest blue pit bull, big blue pit bulls that will produce the best blue pit bull puppys and big blue pit bull
pupppys or big blue american pit bull puppys for sale. We also strive to produce the biggest head on blue pit bull puppys, widest
 blue pit bull puppys for sale. Southern Pride pitbulls is one of the best pit bull and blue pit bull breeders in the world. All are pitbulls or
 blue pit bulls and razors edge bloodline